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High-Impact Products

Welcome to Monroe AG, where Swiss innovation meets global distribution.


We specialize in product sourcing, supply chain management, and worldwide distribution of our own high-impact products. With a focus on practical, everyday solutions, Monroe AG is dedicated to enhancing lives while streamlining B2B processes.

"Our approach is simple: a small palette for a huge impact."


Join us on our journey to redefine efficiency and sustainability in the global market.

 Latest Innovations 


Monroe's snapmag™ is all about innovative USB-C cable solutions, aiming to be the future of device charging.


These cables are not just durable; they are designed to be a game-changer in how we charge our electronic devices, making them faster, more efficient, and user-friendly.


drydrop™ products are innovative, aiming to replace traditional cleaning agents with more environmentally friendly options.


They're not just cleaning agents; they are a step towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious household cleaning experience.


21CARS® stands out in the automotive industry with its innovative license plate holders, belonging to the esteemed group of Partox Swiss GmbH and Monroe AG.


Our products blend design with functionality, revolutionizing vehicle aesthetics.

Image by Ricardo Resende

The Holding

Monroe is at the forefront of Swiss innovation, specializing in Home Electronics, Automotive Industry and Biodegradable Cleaning Detergents.

HQ Europe

Monroe AG

Roosstrasse 53

8832 Wollerau


EU Distribution Center

Partox Swiss GmbH

Stieracker 20

5070 Frick


US Supplier

Monroe Innovations LLC

8 The Green

Dover, DE 19901


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